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Business Terms and Conditions of Service


Now therefore, it is hereby agreed as follows: 
FutureQuest Marketing, Inc. is a telecommunications company offering individuals and companies with little to no computer programming experience the opportunity to market a variety of products and services via 900 telephone lines in exchange for a commission percentage of every minute.
FutureQuest Marketing makes use of it's revenue producing programs, and completes all necessary programming, maintenance and hosting of client's 900 line/s, 888 line/s and website/s. FutureQuest Marketing charges its clients a one-time setup fee for Custom 900 number programming and website development services, that will enable the client to take advantage of the desired program, without requiring the client to have any computer programming experience.
1. Setup Time
Upon receipt of Client’s Order Form with payment, FutureQuest Marketing will complete all programming within 10 business days, and will subsequently forward to Client Notification of 900 Line activation, which will include all necessary information for Client to begin marketing their telephone lines and/or website/s. The setup confirmation will be sent to Client via email and regular postal mail unless instructed otherwise.

2. Performance Disclosure
If the performance of any web servers, or any other equipment which is integral to the delivery of products and/or services offered by the Client’s 900 line/s, and website(s) a should be interrupted or prevented by an act of god, public enemy, war, riot, storm, earthquake, fire, explosion, or some other act beyond it’s control, FutureQuest Marketing shall be excused from further performance of such obligations, for the period time reasonably necessary to remedy the effects of the occurrence.

3. Image Rights
The Client is expressly denied the right to embody or use any of FutureQuest Marketing’s trade name(s), trade address, logo(s), service mark, or likeness in any manner without the written consent of FutureQuest Marketing, Inc.

4. Notification Disclosures
Any notice required under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be effective as of the date received. Such notice may also be delivered by certified mail, facsimile, or by hand to the party entitled to receive such notice at the address contained in this agreement or such other address as the parties may designate. Any unresolved disputes between the parties shall be litigated in the courts of the State of New York, County of Nassau. The losing party to any dispute so litigated shall pay to the other party it’s attorney fees and costs incurred in connection therewith.
5. Product and Service Liability and Licensing Requirements
The Client, will forever be held free of any and all liability stemming from customer complaints, product liability, service liability, or any other claim made by customers that have purchased products and/or services from the Client’s 900 line/s, and web sites. There is no license required to participate in any of FutureQuest Marketing programs.

6. Support
FutureQuest Marketing offers its Clients both phone and email support in order to provide Client with ongoing assistance to market their 900 line/s, and website/s. All support queries will be responded to within 24 hours or sooner.

7. Commission and Payment Terms
The commission rate is as follows: A $1.99 per minute call is paid at a rate of $1.00 per minute A $2.99 per minute call is paid at a rate of $1.85 per minute, A $3.99 per minute call is paid at a rate of $2.55 per minute, A $4.99 per minute call is paid out at a rate of $3.20 per minute. Commissions checks are sent to on the 25th of the month payable by check for the preceding month's activity. The 1st payment is sent within 60 days from setup. The minimum payment is $25 per check. FutureQuest Marketing provides online tracking so that Client can fully monitor ongoing traffic stats, and commission performance. 20% of each calendar month’s gross revenue will be held for a period of 180 days. Each month’s reserve amount will be released on the immediate payout date following the 180 day reserve period providing the client has no negative commission balance due. The client will be held financially responsible for the result of any and all chargebacks. A chargeback occurs when a party declines to pay the charges they were billed by their local telephone company for calls placed to the client’s 1-900 number. Each month the client will receive a statement providing complete details of any chargeback activity.

8. Setup Cost
Initial one-time setup fee for a Custom 900 line is $799 which may vary based on the package Client selects at setup time. This one-time setup fee is non-refundable. Initial one-time setup fee for website design service ranges from $199-$329. Website design / setup fees are non-refundable.

9. Maintenance Fee
Client authorizes FutureQuest Marketing or a third party provider to charge the credit card it has on file or to bill client for maintenance in the amount of $50 per month on a recurring automatic basis. This charge will be processed in 30 days cycles from the date of purchase. The automatic recurring charge authorization will remain in effect until such time Client gives written notice to cancel by email or regular postal mail. FutureQuest Marketing may cancel this agreement if the maintenance fee is not paid in a timely manner with or without notice.

10. Cancellation
The Client may cancel their service with FutureQuest Marketing at any time, but the Client will not receive a refund of any monies paid to FutureQuest Marketing prior to the date of cancellation. FutureQuest Marketing may cancel this agreement in the event that the Client commits any of the following: non-payment of monies due to FutureQuest Marketing, acts of fraud, including but not limited to false or fraudulent pay per call minutes, spam abuse, or other any other acts of fraud.
11.  Force Majeure Clause
Throughout the term of this Agreement, FutureQuest Marketing will use their best efforts to maintain the services and the operations of 900 lines, and all web sites, that are operated under the terms of any FutureQuest Marketing Service Agreements. In no event shall FutureQuest Marketing or any of its affiliates be held liable for any damages, claims, or losses to the Client or Information Provider as a result of downtime or termination of telephone services that arise as the result of unspecified occurrences and events beyond the control of FutureQuest Marketing. In no event shall FutureQuest Marketing or any of its affiliates be held liable for payment of commissions, which are not received by FutureQuest Marketing from the various companies providing billing and content services that are operated under the terms of any FutureQuest Marketing Service Agreements.