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Recorded 900 Number Package


Now you can start profiting today from the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on Sports Handicapping, with your own 900 sports line! As an authorized 900 service provider we'll get your 900 number setup quickly, so you can cash in on calls to your own professional sports pick service. Profit like a winner!

Here's how it works....

You will be assigned your own dedicated 900 number with a "back door " number for you to call and make your own recordings. You have UNLIMITED and free access to update your recordings as often as you would like! You DO NOT need any special phone equipment. Our 900 Recorded package is easy to operate and works very similar to recording a voicemail.

The cost for the ONE-TIME setup is $799.00 plus a low $50 maintenance fee per month. You will receive up to 5 menu options free per line. THIS IS ONE TIME FEE FOR COMPLETE SETUP!

Your Recorded 900 line will be set up within 12 to 14 business days from as soon as you place your order. 

Our 900
numbers are "Dedicated" Numbers. There are no extensions attached to them! You can charge the caller up to $34.95 per call. See billing plans below for more details on your payouts.

Our service bureau provides you with call reports, so you can see how well your number is doing. All programming is included at no additional charge. No equipment or experience needed. Anyone can get started.

Once you have people calling your 900 number, and they like your service, they will keep calling daily. They will also tell their friends, and within a matter of months your 900 business can start generating thousands of calls per month!

The following billing plans are available for your selection.
Choose your FLAT RATE billing plan:


FLAT RATE - Billing Plans

Billing Plan #4
$10.00 PER CALL

Your Profit: $6.50 per call

Billing Plan #5

$15.00 PER CALL

Your Profit: $9.75 per call

Billing Plan #6

$20.00 PER CALL

Your Profit: $13.00 per call

Billing Plan #7

$25.00 PER CALL

Your Profit: $16.25 per call

Billing Plan #8

$34.95 PER CALL
(maximum allowed by law)

Your Profit: $22.72 per call

Reserves Held back for chargebacks

20% of each month's Total Sales (this is the amount billed to callers)
is held for 180 days, then released to you monthly with your commission check.

For example: $5,000 in Total Sales are made to your line this month,
20% which is $1,000 is held back in a reserve account and later paid back to you. Your month's check will be for $4,000 and the remaining $1,000 will be paid back to you monthly in 180 days, less chargebacks if there were any.



Setup Fee






Payment to you for your calls are as follows: You will receive your first check in approximately 60 days after your first call minute is generated. All checks are sent MONTHLY, paid out on the 25th of every month, for the prior months activity.

Custom lines are available in the US only, no intl lines

Included with each account: 12-14 day approval of content and programming. Recording Instructions for your preamble/greeting. Updated Call detail reports.

Preamble Requirements:
In order to be in legal compliance with the FCC you must provide the following information to all callers. You have 18 seconds to record the entire preamble, which is plenty of time.

1. Cost of Call
2. Average Length of Each Call
3. The Company Sponsoring The Program.
4. Callers Must be Over 18-years Old To Call.
5. Charges begin within 3 seconds after completion of preamble.

Sample Preamble:
Thank you for calling the info line brought to you by ABC Info. The cost of this call is X.XX and callers must be over 18 years old. If you do not want to be charged for this call, hang up now, as charges will begin after 3 seconds.

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